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Thomassen Beauty Supply

Katie Weber celebrates 1 year with Thomassen Beauty Supply

Venice, Florida August 11, 2015: Congratulations to Katie Weber on her 1 year anniversary with Thomassen Beauty Supply. Katie currently serves as Customer Service Representative in our Venice office assisting Stylists with all of their product knowledge and ordering requests. Katie can be reached at


Hair Color Strengthening, Naturally!

colorpHlex protects and strengthens hair during the color & bleach process, reducing damage and breakage.

Step 1: Color Strengthening Additive

  • Prepare color or bleach per manufacturer instruction
  • Add colorpHlex Step 1 and mix thoroughly
  • Process color or bleach per manufacturer instructions
  • Rinse hair thoroughly
  • Towel dry

Step 2: After Color Strengthening Finish

  • Apply 1/4 oz to hair from roots to ends and comb through
  • Leave in hair for 10 minutes
  • Hair can be cut during the processing time
  • For fine hair, bleach or high-lift tint, leave in 2-5 minutes
  • For stronger pigments or high-lift bleach, leave in for 5 – 10 minutes
  • Shampoo and style as usual

Using colorpHlex in your hair color process open up a kaleidoscope of color options. Just let your creativity flow while keeping in touch with your professional experience. You and your clients will love the results!

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De Vine Salon & Spa

We use Vivitone Color in our salon. We have a lot of seasonal clients who can’t wait to come back to Florida to get their hair colored! They tell us their stylists up north cannot make their color as shiny and natural looking as we do. And we love the new AA Series when you don’t want any warmth. It’s absolutely Beautiful! Working with Vivitone as a colorist and an educator for over 15 years, I have found the color line to be very easy to work with and very adaptable for new stylists.

We are very happy with Vivitone Color

Divas Salon & Spa

We’ve been using Vivitone Color in our salon & spa for more than 14 years and we still absolutely LOVE it! Over the years, out of curiosity more than anything, we’ve tried a few other popular brands on the market but ultimately we always come back to Vivitone. It’s definitely our “Go To” line for color corrections and specialty color services. The versatility and value of the product is very important to me as a salon owner, but more importantly, as a stylist, I value it’s dependability and the impression it leaves on our clients. They love the coverage, the shine and the fact that it doesn’t fade or turn off-tone. Formulating is a breeze and having the ability to use one tube of color for both permanent and deposit-only applications is truly genius. We love Vivitone here at Divas and we also love Thomassen Beauty Supply.

Our appreciation and thanks go out to both companies

Venice Day Spa

We use Vivitone Color in our spa and our client’s love the fact that their hair looks natural and shiny and feels soft and touchable. Vivitone Color is a beautiful, translucent permanent color that gives superior coverage and luminous shine. We hear these words Natural, Soft & Shiny from our hair clients everyday.

The quality and richness of Vivitone is truly amazing.

Sanibel Day Spa

We love Vivitone Color! We have many seasonal clients with winter homes on Sanibel. They love their color. When they leave for the summer, we are always getting calls from their salons from New York to Ohio asking about the color line we use. They are amazed with the shine, gray coverage and lack of fadeage. We also have a lot of clients vacationing on the island. They want us to match their color and it’s easy with Vivitone. When we finish, they want to know what color line we use because their hair is so shiny and in great condition!

We have been happy for over 14 years using Vivitone Color!

Upcoming Events:

Vivitone Hair Color & Clipper Cutting Class

October 26, 2015

Location: Host Salon : Tampa, FL

with Jennifer Hosterman & Gabriel Negron. Color with a Twist – Give your clients natural looking highlights in record time. Faded & Blurred – Learn modern techniques to help perfect your no-line fades like a master barber.

Time: 9:30 – 12:00
Tickets: $25
Class is limited to 12! Reserve your spot today. Contact your Sales Rep or call 800-787-3559 for information.